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Our Services


We offer many different types of full and exterior only washes. We do specialize in dirty interiors. In our Interior Super Clean wash , we use compressed air to get into hard to reach crevices and blow the dirt out. Everything is vacuumed thoroughly and than wiped down. It takes approximately 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Our tunnel is capable to wash sport cars to large trucks. We have the capability to wash the highest trucks. We only use the best. Even the towels we use are the best. They are microfiber towels that are the best to use on cars. They don't hold dirt like most cotton towels, so with the microfibers are less likely to scratch your cars finish.


When it comes to detailing, we are the best. We have 3 detail bays that can make your car looking like new. We offer everything from full details to express details, such as hand waxes to carpet and mat shampoo. If you are thinking about selling your car or trading it in, make sure to get it detailed before you do. It is a proven fact that the cleaner the car, the more value your can get. At least get the car washed. The number 1 reason many people get less money than expected for their vehicle is that the vehicle is dirty. We also offer headlight restoration. If you have an older car that the headlights have yellowed, we can remove that yellowness and make them clear again. You will see the difference, especially at night.


For the certain individual who prefers their car to be hand washed. We will hand wash your vehicle with a soft sponge and using the same safe soap from our car wash. Then we will towel dry the vehicle. Also included is the interior. We will vacuum the interior and than wipe down the dash. The windows will be cleaned and wiped with our special micro-fiber towels.


If you are the type of person who likes to wash their own car, we have the equipment for you. There are plenty of vacuums to do it yourself. Also there are five bays to wash your car.



Details are done by appointment only, Monday thru Friday.